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Openly gay divers Matthew Mitcham, Tom Daley win gold, silver at Commonwealth Games

Mitcham gets gold in synchronized event, Daley the silver in a very close finish.

James Denny, Tom Daley, Domonic Bedggood, Matthew Mitcham
James Denny, Tom Daley, Domonic Bedggood, Matthew Mitcham
Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Australians Matthew Mitcham and Domonic Bedggood won the gold medal in the men's platform 10-meter synchronized diving event at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, on Friday. Britons Tom Daley and James Denny took the silver. What's notable is that both Mitcham and Daley are openly gay.

It is always tricky to highlight an athlete's sexual orientation when writing these stories, but since we are a gay sports website, that has to be the focus. Daley and Mitcham are not gay divers, they are divers who happen to be gay.

For Mitcham, winning the gold medal was an accomplishment since he had won six silvers in the event in the past few years. The Aussies beat the Brits by .18, an extremely close finish. Since there were only four teams competing in the final, no bronze medal was awarded.

Here are some nice images from the event  from Getty Images (click for larger view):

Mitcham and Bedggood diving.

Daley and Denny diving

Gold medalists

Silver medalists James Denny and Tom Daley

The medalists