Hockey Canada has created a new policy that will allow trans athletes to choose the locker room they use. The policycomes in response to a complaint by a young athlete named Jesse Thompson, who simply wanted to be treated like the rest of the boys.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Jesse Thompson, 17, of Oshawa, Ont., who filed the complaint in August last year, said he was pleased with the result.

"I just hope that kids can see this and know that they don't have to hide any more," Thompson told The Canadian Press.

"They can come out and play their sport that they love, and they don't have to stop playing it just because of how they are or who they are."

Patrick Burke – an NHL employee and founder of the You Can Play project – had a hand in the policy and would have potentially been called as a witness if the case had gone to trial. Burke posted this on Twitter earlier today:

It's yet another example of reason and inclusion winning the day. Congratulations Jesse, and thank you to Hockey Canada for doing the right thing!