Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, the team who received so many accolades for their Sochi Olympics coverage of figure skating for NBC, have been added to the team covering Super Bowl XLIX for the peacock network.

What's particularly cool is the role they'll have in the coverage. While most of the other reporters and commentators will be inside the stadium in front of teleprompters or in studios or on the field away from the crow, Weir and Lipinski will be reporting from tailgate parties at University of Phoenix Stadium. Weir, who has been so very openly gay for years, can certainly hold his own with the high-energy, likely-to-be-slightly inebriated crowd, once saying of a performance, "[For my performance] they kind of sat back and had their cognac and cigarettes and they were relaxing and watching, and [my competitor's] was more like a vodka shot, let's-snort-coke kind of thing."

Given Weir's past attire choices, we're so hoping he goes all football for this potentially spectacular occasion.

"We're looking forward to Johnny and Tara bringing their fun perspective and style to the show," said NBC Super Bowl producer Sam Flood.

Let there be fireworks!

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