Robbie Rogers is kicking off 2015 the way he ended 2014: On top of the world and looking great.

December saw the release of his successful book, Coming Out to Play, and a big win in the MLS Cup Final. Now that the offseason is upon him, he's got a bit more time to focus on another of his fashion passion.

He's jumped in front of the camera for Flaunt magazine. Few images of Rogers capture the man more perfectly that this one by Carlos Serrao (he's styled, as always, by Alfie Baker).

"It was the perfect mix of football and fashion," Rogers told me.

Frankly, Rogers is the perfect mix of football and fashion – the image captures his essence perfectly. If he were straight and this was 2004, we'd call him the perfect metrosexual: Stylish, sophisticated and not afraid to express his masculinity or femininity. Can't wait to see what 2015 holds for him.

Though, I do have one quibble. If one more guy asks me to set them up on a date with him, I'm going to open a match-making service for athletes (hey, that's a great idea). Do it yourself, guys. He's on Twitter @RobbieRogers.