When we first started Outsports in 1999, we were entirely dedicated to writing about mainstream sports "from a gay perspective." Whether it was talking about Doug Flutie's errant passes or Kentucky's chances in the upcoming March Madness, Outsports was a platform where LGBT people from around the world came to talk sports.

As LGBT sports news became more accessible, we shifted focus. We stopped talking about the Final Four and focused more on anti-gay policies at NCAA schools. We stopped talking about the NBA Finals and focused more on the NBA's efforts to end homophobia. It's been amazing – and we will continue to tell these LGBT sports stories in big ways. That's not changing.

But we've decided to get back to our roots a bit. We've started a new section of Outsports called "Straight Sports from the Gays." Yes, we welcome the perspectives of bisexuals, trans people, and anyone who identifies as queer, questioning, pansexual and anything else in our rainbow community.

Being part of SB Nation, it will also allow us to highlight the voices of other LGBT sports writers. Yes, they're out there all over the Sports Blog Nation.

To be sure, we'll continue to bring all of the LGBT sports news – including powerful coming out stories – like we have for years. That isn't changing one bit.

And if you're interested in writing a take on anything that's straight-up mainstream sports, head over to our FanPosts and post something there. We'll repost it in this section and share it with the world.