Note: From about the 2 minute to 4 minute marks there is silent dead time on this podcast. We apologize for the technical difficulty.

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There are rumors swirling around the English Premier League that gay pro soccer players may be coming out publicly soon. Should we believe the speculation? And have these kinds of rumors panned out in the past?

The New York Giants have been ahead of the curve on LGBT issues for almost a decade. Now they add a You Can Play video with several Giants players to their inclusion portfolio.

We first met Harrison Wilkerson last year when he was still in high school, the star kicker of his school’s football team, closeted and scared. He had been the target of some bullying and feared what the repercussions would be if he came out to his friends and teammates in North Carolina. Since Outsports ran his story earlier this week, he has been inundated with supportive messages, even getting a wonderful Facebook post from his grandmother. He’s also heard from some people struggling with depression as he once did.

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