Richard Scudamore, CEO of the English Premier League, the nation's highest level of professional soccer and one of the world's, well, premier leagues, talked with the BBC about the topic of gay soccer players. When asked if he thought there were any gay players in the Premier League, he hit the nail on the head?

"It would be very strange if there wasn't," while saying he didn't know whom any of them are.

"I actually think the environment would be entirely suitable for them to come out, if that's the right phrase. And I think it would be welcomed, and I think there would be a tolerance to it. And I think the time would be right to do that."

While we don't know if this prompted the questions, The Daily Mirror reported recently that some gay top-level pro soccer players are ready to come out.

The only Premier League player ever to come out was Justin Fashanu over two decades ago. Thomas Hitzlesperger came out after he left the League.Robbie Rogers was playing in one of England's lower-level soccer leagues when he came out publicly in February 2013 and immediately retired from the sport (before coming back three months later).

Yes, there are gay men playing in the Premier League. Hopefully they come out soon and show the entire world how far the environment in pro soccer has come.

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