A Mexican gossip site today claimed that two professional soccer players are in a seven-month relationship, and one of them has already fired back with a message of denial and acceptance.

The Web site TV Notas claimed that Mexican soccer star Jonathan dos Santos is dating Argentine Mateo Musacchio. The two play together for Villareal in Spain’s pro-soccer league La Liga. Both are national-team players for their respective countries.

Jonathan dos Santos didn't take kindly to the article, tweeting:


"To the media: If I were gay, I would have no problem saying it. Make up something else. Do not promote discrimination or sensationalism."

Mussachio retweeted the message.

The thought is nothing more than gossip, based on an anonymous source. We wouldn't even talk about it if the player himself hadn't addressed the rumor. Though it is a reminder of how much interest there is in finding gay professional athletes and having them come out.

Two on one team? Dating one another? It's an issue many in women's sports have dealt with for years. Hopefully we're at a point where it can become an "issue" in men's leagues someday soon.

Hat tip to Orville.