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Calendar features athletic, naked, young British men running around on beach

"Ripped and Stripped" lives up to its title.

My headline is from the press release photographer Nick Baker sent me about his 2016 "Ripped and Stripped" calendar and it's a pretty accurate pitch. Here is more:

"This year’s amateur models included Jake, Adam, Jo and Jack -- a gym addict, a plumber, a singer and a tree surgeon. Finding a secluded spot on the long sandy beach, the boys made the most of the warm sun. Clothes came off and the games began! A little running in and out of the sea with a piggy back ride just for good measure. A bit of footie, a toss of the Frisbee and a display of gymnastic prowess and generally lads being lads is all captured on film."

If I ever need a tree surgeon, I'll know to give Andy a ring.

The calendar costs about $18 and you can also buy a video from the website.

Here are some photos of the fine lads by Nick Baker, followed by a video (there is some naked butt on display below if you are reading this at work).

Ripped Stripped1

Ripped Stripped2

Ripped Stripped3

Ripped Stripped4

Ripped Stripped5