Every year Sports Illustrated makes millions of men horny and millions of dollars in sales for the magazine when it releases its swimsuit issue in the dead of winter. This year's issue, out this week, features model Hannah Davis on the cover. I'd much rather see Davis' boyfriend of two years Derek Jeter in a swimsuit any day.

To that end, for all of you bored to tears by SI's issue, I present what has become the Outsports annual alternative — guys, guys and nothing but guys. Sports represented include swimming, diving, volleyball, bodybuilding, soccer, Aussie Rules Football, rugby and tennis.
Our first two photos in the gallery are openly gay Olympic divers Tom Daley and Aussie Matthew Mitcham (2nd from left in the group photo). Plus, there is a shirtless (what else?) shot of Cristiano Ronaldo, maybe the gayest straight man in the world.

All photos Getty Images.
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