Players from a pro soccer league in Israel waved a rainbow flag after celebrating a win, and the photo has gone viral in the country, the Jerusalem Post reports.

A photo of Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem soccer team players raising a rainbow flag with the logo mark of their team while celebrating their victory in the premiere league this weekend has gone viral in Israel. The players took the flag from one of the fans who raised it during the game in the audience.

Behind the flag stands an informal group of fans of the team, who, a couple of months ago, launched a Facebook page titled "Love Katamon, Hate Racism." The group tries to fight hate manifestations in soccer and in general, violence against women, and recently has decided to come out with a campaign against homophobia.

The team said waving the flag was not planned but was spontaneous after the win. The fans' Facebook page is also handing out these stickers for a game this weekend that I would totally use:

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