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WWE embroiled in allegations of homophobia, racism by trainer

WWE trainer Bill DeMott resigns amidst allegations of homophobia and racism, claims he is innocent.

Stardust is a rising star in the WWE.
Stardust is a rising star in the WWE.
Simon Hofmann/Getty Images

WWE trainer Bill DeMott has resigned over allegations that he engaged in a whole lot of stuff that was too horrible for even people at the WWE to handle. The allegations come from Austin Matelson, known as Judas Devlin in the ring, who sent a long memo to WWE human resources brass detailing allegations of physical abuse, racism and homophobia.

From the memo:

In resigning, DeMott tweeted his innocence:

The WWE has a history of dipping its toe into these issues, most recently engaging the NOH8 Campaign and the You Can Play project in some work and training.

Hat tip to Ross Forman