Atlanta Dream forward Angel McCoughtry has come out publicly, talking about her religion and her love.

She posted on Instagram:

"Yes we been discriminated against! We lost friends ! Family members are upset! They said i disgraced my religion! One thing i do know is that LOVE is a great feeling! My last overseas team threatened my job if i didnt write a fake letter on social media saying my relationship was a lie. But all i know,Love is a great feeling! I understand we all judge and its in human nature , but the more i speak to God i never feel judgement from the man upstairs even tho he has all power too! He tells me to fall, learn,and grow because thats life. But to always keep my heart pure and believe totally in him. All i know love is a great feeling and GOD is Love"

It will be interesting to see if she'll talk about what discrimination exactly she has experienced. Hopefully she names names.

Powerful stuff from McCoughtry – big congratulations on your courage to #BeTrue, and thank you for helping so many kids who will be inspired by your story!

Read more at the Georgia Voice.

Hat tip to Erik Hall.