The much-anticipated Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner airs this Friday at 9pmET on ABC. I can't wait. You can see the latest preview below.

While a lot of people might be curious in the sensationalism of the piece, I am simply interested in hearing Jenner's truth. At one point Jenner was considered the greatest male athlete in the world, winning the decathlon in the 1976 Olympic Games and setting a world record in the process.

The last few years Jenner has been known more for coverage in the tabloids than Sports Illustrated. Yet for a couple generations of Americans, Jenner is a sports hero on par with some of the greats.

The idea to many that Jenner might be transitioning – something Jenner has not yet confirmed publicly – is impossible to many. Most Americans don't associate daily with a trans person. They look at RuPaul and think that's a transgender person. There is no real understanding of the issues faced by trans Americans and the struggles our culture forces them to contend with.

We don't know what Jenner is going to tell us on Friday. But I imagine there will be some conversation about gender and gender identity. Jenner has clearly changed appearances in recent years. Jenner of 2015 is a departure from the appearance of Jenner of 2011.

What we should be prepared for is that Jenner's answers may not be easy. They may not be black-and-white. Our culture tries to fit everyone into "man" or "woman." It's possible Jenner hasn't figured out where Jenner fits on the gender spectrum. LGBT people too need to be ready to accept Jenner's truth as Jenner's truth. I have heard a lot of angst amongst trans people over this interview and Jenner's transition. Hopefully we will all be willing to open our minds as we listen to Jenner.

Whatever Jenner says, I cannot wait for the interview because it will be the truth. Everyone struggles to find who they are in this world, and every time I get to hear someone tell the story of their journey, I learn and grow. I fully expect to learn a book's worth of knowledge from an Olympic hero this Friday.