Former Major League Lacrosse player Andrew Goldstein knew he had to do something when he connected with Braden, a 12-year-old gay lacrosse player struggling to accept himself. So he and fellow lacrosse player Nick Welton teamed up to create the Courage Game, an LGBT-inclusive lacrosse game held this weekend in Philadelphia.

From Goldstein:

"Since posting the original article on Outsports, we have received many responses from lacrosse players all over the country. We have heard from openly gay athletes who played NCAA Division I lacrosse, high school all-state players, and club lacrosse players. We currently have at least eight gay lacrosse players and dozens more allies signed up to play in the Courage Game.

"The event – designed to support gay youth, rebuke bullying, and promote awareness for LGBT equality – will take place on Sunday, May 24, at Penn Park in Philadelphia, the site of the NCAA lacrosse championships during championship weekend. We'll start with a youth game at 9am followed by an adult game at 10am.

"To sign up to play, donate to the cause, or find more information on the game, go to"

If you're in Philly this Memorial Day Weekend, chances are you don't have something cooler to do than head to the Courage Game. Definitely say hello to Goldstein and Braden while you're there – they'd love to meet any Outsports supporting the event!