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Nike releases #BeTrue pride shoes

Nike's #BeTrue line will go on sale June 5 and will be available at select Nike stores.

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Today Nike released its annual #BeTrue line to celebrate Pride Month. This year Nike is blowing out the line with many more shoe options, T-shirt designs and hats. However, you'll have to wait until Friday, June 5, to order your #BeTrue merchandise on It will also be available at various Pride festivals and Nike stores across the country.

This year's line also features the first #BeTrue basketball shoe. That shouldn't be a big surprise, given both Jason Collins and Brittney Griner are Nike spokespeople.

Part of the proceeds of the #BeTrue line will go to fund the LGBT Sports Coalition. Nike and the Coalition will host the fourth annual LGBT Sports Summit in Portland next week.

"Nike is deeply committed to diversity, inclusion and unleashing the potential of all athletes," said Tim Hershey, Vice President of Global Merchandising for Nike and Executive Advisor to Nike's LGBT Employee Network. "We're rallying the world to embrace #BETRUE as a call-to-action for all athletes to be their most authentic selves in June and all year long."

This year Adidas and Converse have also gotten in the act. Converse even went so far as copying Nike's exact model from 2012, creating a different shoe to represent pride in different cities. Adidas' shoe is white with paint drippings. It's lovely that they've finally joined the party, even if they're about three years late.