Chris Mosier, a transgender endurance athlete, has earned a spot on Team USA and will compete in the sprint duatholon at the 2016 World Championship in Spain. Mosier is a trans man and earned the spot in the male category – the first out trans athlete we know of to accomplish that feat.

At the Duathlon National Championship on Saturday, June 6, Mosier finished 37th in the overall men's category of the sprint duathlon out of 117 competitors, with a time of 1:02:45.48. He finished seventh in his men's 35-39 category; The top eight finishers were named to the national team.

"Making Team USA was my number one goal this year," Mosier told Outsports. "Many transgender athletes stop competing when they transition categories. I want people to know it is possible to maintain an identity as an athlete and transition. When I was considering transition, I did not see transgender men competing at a high level in the way I aspired to compete. I am excited to be a visible example for other trans athletes or people considering a medical transition."

The duathlon is like a triathlon, but instead of swimming the competitors have a second round of running. The format: run-bike-run.

Mosier was previously awarded USA Triathlon's Spirit Award.

As a trans male, Mosier takes testosterone for medical purposes and has had to get approval from the United States Anti-Doping Agency. This requires medical records and blood tests, doctors notes, and a packet of paperwork. He receives regular tests to make sure his testosterone levels are in normal male range.

To compete in the world championship next year, Mosier will need to receive the approval of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

"That might be more difficult," Mosier said, "but I haven't thought much about it yet."

Mosier is the executive director of GO! Athletes, the world's largest support network by and for LGBT athletes.