Three female former coaches from the University of Minnesota-Duluth have filed a Federal lawsuit against the school alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, age and national origin. Hockey coach Shannon Miller and softball coach Jen Banford were told in the last year that their contracts would not be renewed, and basketball coach Annette Wiles resigned earlier this year due to an alleged hostile work environment.

You can read the complaint, filed in Federal court, here .

Miller won five national championships in her tenure with the school yet still was paid about $100k per year less than her counterpart with the less-successful men's team. The school said they had to let her go this year so they could reduce the salary at that position while, according to the lawsuit, not reducing the salary of the men's position.

The school, of course, is refuting the claims of sexism and homophobia. From the Star-Tribune:

UMD Chancellor Lendley C. Black denied the school discriminated and expressed certainty that UMD would succeed in refuting the claims.

"We are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion here at UMD,'' Black said. "I'm quite confident that throughout this process, it will be made clear that our decisions were made in the best interests of UMD. I'm confident we made the right decisions.''

The three women seek damages in the form of "back pay, front pay, damages for emotional distress and compensatory damages in an amount according to proof together with prejudgment interest; … reasonable attorneys' fees, costs, and prejudgment interest; and such other and further relief as may be just and proper under the circumstances."