A group of people in Canada have put together a cool idea: Using the tape at the end of hockey sticks to express support for LGBT people! Called Pride Tape, they've started a Kickstarter campaign to help get the project off the ground.

Hockey has, for the last few years, been at the forefront of demonstrating support for LGBT athletes, with Patrick and Brian Burke leading the way. Yet the NHL is still the only pro-sports league that has never had a current or former player come out publicly. Pride Tape is unlikely to change that, but it is a way for athletes – particularly at the lower levels – to show their teammates and opponents in the closet that they are cool with LGBT people.

The people behind Pride Tape are in the middle of a $40k fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to produce the tape. You can go to Kickstarter and donate. The page says the tape will eventually be available for sale, so if you're a hockey player and want to add a touch of rainbow to your stick, stay tuned!