Hugo Scheckter says he has found nothing but support from the players and staff at Southampton FC, and now he’s using National Coming Out Day to share his true self with the world. Southampton competes in England’s Premier League.

Scheckter took to Twitter today to share his true self with the world in a series of three tweets:

Soccer, and in particular European soccer, does get a bad rap. When Robbie Rogers came out publicly a couple years ago, he talked about how much more homophobic the environment is in English soccer versus American soccer. Still, with campaigns by Stonewall, Soccer V. Homophobia and others, we believe it is getting better.

Scheckter’s story, and his profession of support by players and team staff, is great to see. As the player/team liaison for Southampton FC, he certainly interacts with both sides plenty.

He is the second executive in the Football Association to come out publicly as gay, following former FA executive Chris Gibbons, who came out publicly on Outsports in 2013.

You can follow Scheckter on Twitter.