The Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee on Saturday elected loud and proud anti-gay former NFL coach Tony Dungy to the Hall of Fame. Dungy is the most vocal anti-gay head coach in NFL history.

Dungy has a long history of bigotry against gay people, claiming all of it stems from his religious beliefs. In 2007 he helped a rabidly anti-gay organization in Indiana raise tens of thousands of dollars to oppose same-sex marriage, telling the group he embraces their stance against equality for same-sex couples. When Jason Collins came out publicly, Dungy reiterated that he had a problem with Collins and his “lifestyle.” Then in 2014 Dungy again used his platform to direct bigotry at a gay athlete, this time Michael Sam.

It’s important to note that Jesus Christ never spoke against homosexuality or left any indication that his followers should actively prevent equality for gay people. Christ did speak very specifically about loving your neighbor and not being an jerk. Dungy won Outsports’ most nefarious award in 2014 for saying he would not want openly gay NFL player Michael Sam on his team, then lying about why he said it.

The complete class of 2016 consists of, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame: “owner Edward DeBartolo, Jr., coach Tony Dungy, quarterback Brett Favre, linebacker/defensive end Kevin Greene, wide receiver Marvin Harrison, tackle Orlando Pace, quarterback Ken Stabler, and guard Dick Stanfel.”