Former college football player Brandon Davis now plays rugby at Montana State and chose to come out publicly on Outsports earlier this year. While he's a heck of an athlete, what he didn't talk that much about in the piece was his love of music and his musical skills.

Now he's put out his first music video under his artist name, Bobby Brando. The song, "Unconditional Love," traces its roots back to last year when he was still living outside his truth.

"That was the last song I made before I came out," Brando told Outsports. "I was actually thinking about if I were to be in a relationship with a woman and if I never came out. By unconditional love I was meaning that if I were to hide myself from society the one person I love would have to love me unconditionally for who I was because what's done in the dark soon comes to the light."

Powerful stuff from an artist we hope to hear from plenty in the months and years to come.

You can follow him on Instagram @Bobby.Brando and on YouTube.