Former Uganda national soccer manager Chris Mubiru has finally been freed after spending seven month in prison for some trumped-up charges of sodomy. He had been accused of sodomizing athletes and had been sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of about $15,000. From

High Court judge Wilson Musene Masalu set Mubiru free after faulting the magistrate's court of wrongly convicting him. Mubiru had been in Luzira Prision since September 2015.

"It was wrong for the victim not to report to police for having been sodomised in 2009 and only waited in 2013 after many years had already passed. He should have reported when it was still hot and not in 2013 to pastor Solomon Male," the judge ruled.

Mubiru has claimed consistently that he is not gay and has never committed sodomy.

Uganda has one of the worst penal codes in the world for LGBT people, with no protections whatsoever and a possible life-imprisonment sentence for same-sex sexual activity. The country has a nationwide constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Despite this, the International Olympic Committee has no problem with Uganda being part of the "Olympic Movement."