When mainstream sports entities, from professional teams to sports media outlets, openly embrace the LGBT community or our issues, a bunch of non-LGBT people regularly retort with the "this has nothing to do with sports" remark. Or, if they are feeling particularly generous, rather than outright declare our irrelevance to sports they ask, "what does this have to do with [insert offended sport here]?" Outsports is proud to be part of SB Nation, which gets that feedback all the time but continues to share our work regularly.

Norwich City FC, a Football League Championship soccer team, got such a reaction when they posted on Facebook this weekend that they supported Norwich's LGBT Pride. One fan didn't like it very much (and given the two quick "likes" on his comment, he wasn't alone)…

Of course realizing what a behind-the-times bigot he made himself appear to be with that comment, the man (whose Facebook picture features him with a young girl in a Norwich City FC jersey) deleted his post.

Various other fans shared their support of Norwich City's pride night. But it was the team's one-word answer that won the debate.

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