A lesbian basketball coach is suing Paramus Catholic High School, claiming the school violated state law when it terminated her for being gay. Kate Drumgoole said she was called into school on a snowday and handed a letter saying her employment had been terminated. The reason she was given, apparently, was that she had married her wife, something not accepted by many Christians.

Drumgoole had been a student at the school and apparently loved her job. She never told the school she was gay, but rather the school apparently found out through social-media postings by her sister.

The school's attorney, Christopher Westrick, won't win over many supporters in the court of public opinion.

"There's no denying the fact that Mrs. Drumgoole has engaged in a lifestyle, in a manner that is inconsistent with the tenets of the Catholic faith," he said in court on Friday. Of course, what is consistent with "the Catholic faith" is up to interpretation and adjusts depending on cultural shifts. It also depends on what words in the Christian Bible the people in charge want to focus on.

The saddest part is that Drumgoole, by all accounts, was well-liked and respected. But according to the certain tenets of some fear-mongers in the Catholic Church, simply falling in love with someone of the same sex makes you unqualified to teach in a Catholic high school regardless of your other qualifications.

It will be interesting to watch the legal arguments of this case. Frankly, Drumgoole likely has a tough road ahead given the New Jersey state law has a carve-out for religious institutions. Yes, religious institutions are invited by the State of New Jersey to openly discriminate against classes of people, all while claiming tax-exempt status. Hopefully Drumgoole and her attorneys can take a bite out of discrimination.

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