When the Chicago Fire of MLS decided the team would not tolerate anti-gay chants at its games, the question arose of how to break the news to the fans. General Manager Nelson Rodriguez took the challenge.

At the team's "Pride Night" last month, Rodriguez himself walked onto the pitch and announced the decision to the entire stadium: If you were caught chanting "puto" or some other anti-gay slur, you would be removed from the stadium. Don't let the door hit you in the butt.

"An inappropriate and offensive chant has been used by some of our fans," Rodriguez said, according to John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, who was at the match. "It is unbecoming and certainly not reflective of the great city that we live in, and the best fans in Major League Soccer."

The team was the latest to take a stand on the "puto" slur that simply won't go away in soccer. While most of the crowd applauded, apparently some people actually booed the team's decision to ban slurs from the stadium.

"I'm not deaf," Rodriguez told the Chicago Tribune. "I heard a smattering of boos. But that's a very small minority of fans, and I don't care if they don't return. In fact, personally, if they are booing the message as opposed to booing the messenger, go find another team to support."

Read Kass' full report and column here.

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