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Campus Pride makes sports a focus of its LGBTQ work

College-based group works with the NCAA while also fueling key criticism of college sports.

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Campus Pride has highlighted the anti-LGBT policies of dozens of colleges and universities. These are discriminatory policies the NCAA fully accepts.

It’s been really cool to watch the college-based LGBTQ organization Campus Pride embrace sports and push for a leading role in the movement to build inclusion in the world of college athletics.

Led by Shane Windmeyer, Campus Pride has both created and enhanced resources to educate non-LGBTQ people in sports — and inspire LGBT athletes and coaches — to ensure that one of the most high-profile elements of college life is welcoming for all.

Plus, based in Charlotte, Windmeyer and Campus Pride have been at ground zero from moment one of the fight against North Carolina’s HB2 and the negative repercussions the bill has brought to the entire state.

In 2016, Campus Pride continued its work toward inclusion in sports, highlighting five key initiatives the organization prioritized in the sports world:

Here’s hoping Campus Pride’s initiatives continue to get a huge boost in 2017.

You can follow Campus Pride on Twitter @campuspride.