Esera Tuaolo was eliminated from The Voice last night after he belted out his rendition of LeAnn Rimes’ “How Do I Live.” Tuaolo said he chose the song because of its meaning about him living a secret life while he was playing in the NFL. He played for various teams including the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

The elimination means Tuaolo won’t be performing during the live shows, which would have put his story and his talents up for judgment by the public, which would have been interesting.

Tuaolo’s exit prompted a tweet from former Packers teammate and friend Brett Favre:

We’re hoping he makes it back in as a wild card too! Though we’re thinking Favre has gotten The Voice confused with another show.

In a sea of cookie cutters, Tuaolo breaks the mold. Having him in the live shows would be a great addition to the show.

It was already an incredible accomplishment for Tuaolo to make it as far as he did, and we’re so proud of him for pursuing his dream.

But don’t think we’ve heard the last of Tuaolo. He has some big plans for his future, both in music and helping people. He’ll carry his big voice and his big heart with him.