After so many people asked us about the T-shirts and logo we unveiled for Pride this year, SB Nation has created this online Outsports store!

The design we’ve chosen is the same as our Pride 2017 design, featuring a rainbow of concentric circles around our Outsports logo.

Some people have asked about our logo. If you look carefully, it’s an athlete bursting out of the closet… er… locker!

We’ve toyed with the presence of a rainbow in the Outsports logo for years. When SB Nation designers took a crack at creating a special “Outsports pride” logo for our event at Denver Pride earlier this year, we fell in love with this one that looks so great on black.

The items we have include T-shirts that are specially fitted for women and others that are designed for men, kids’ Tees, mugs and tote bags.

So check out our online store and look great at the gym!