Minnesota Lynx vice-president Carley Knox has opened up about her marriage to Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve in an interview with Toledo’s ABC 13.

She sat down with the television station to talk about her experiences in the WNBA and her push to demonstrate that women and LGBT people can succeed in sports.

“We are fighting the fight for all marginalized groups,” she said. “So it's not just about girls and women. It's helping to raise the next generation of enlightened boys and girls.”

Knox and Reeve have a son, Ollie, who has, according to Knox, never missed a Lynx game.

It’s amazing how far LGBT women have come in sports. This story, about a female head coach and her team-VP wife, will be a blip on the radar screen for many because so many women have demonstrated the courage to come out publicly.

We already knew about lesbian Lynx superstar Seimone Augustus. Now these two make the team impossible to cheer against.

Reeve has coached the Lynx to four WNBA championships. Knox has six WNBA rings.