Colin Christiansen. Nathan Matthews. Lexie Gerson. We keep hearing of more and more coaches in high school and college who are getting hired after coming out as gay or lesbian. For years we have been told that it was super hard for LGBT coaches to be out, yet more of them are finding their way out of the closet and finding their way to new jobs. We talk about whether these examples are just exceptions to the rule, or whether the sports world is opening up more to out coaches.

The NFL made two big statements on inclusion in the last week, surprising some. The league released a new ad in the Love Has No Labels campaign that highlighted, among others, two same-sex couples kissing on a Kiss Cam at the Pro Bowl. The league also issued a statement in support of equality ahead of Texas considering a bill that would legalize discrimination in the state. That has driven Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to tell the NFL to mind its own business. Will we see a Super Bowl in Texas anytime soon if SB2 is passed?

Plus we talk about our upcoming Outsports Reunion!