There’s a great new short film by Kick It Out that features several LGBT soccer fans talking about the power that homophobic language at soccer matches has on them.

Kick It Out is dedicated to “tackling racism and discrimination” in English soccer. They have created an app that allows people to report incidents of discrimination and hate speech on their phones.

The new film centers on the impact this language has on the innocent LGBT fans hearing the language.

"Of course if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, going to games can sometimes not be as enjoyable as you like,” one person in the film says. “The atmosphere can make LGBT people feel intimidated."

The fans selected are across the LGBT spectrum. One man talks very passionately about no one around him knowing he’s gay.

“You can never tell who is LGBT so you have no idea who is being offended by abusive language or chants,” another person says.

You can check out the great new short film on YouTube.

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