Zorros Mexico is an LGBT soccer team hoping to compete in next month’s international soccer tournament at the World Outgames in Miami. But they need some money.

The team is fundraising on Dreamfuel, with a modest goal of $1,500.

The average age of our players is 25 years old, 30% are 21 years or less, and the vast majority of us are under 30 years old. Because most of us are students, and others do not have enough financial income to cover all expenses, we need your support to help us cover the costs for flight tickets, event registration, accommodation, passports, and American VISAs for 15 players.

Zorros is already running into problems getting visas due to new restrictions under the Trump administration and some players have already been denied.

The soccer site The Set Pieces has a good feature on the team and the challenges it faces being openly LGBT in Mexico. “It can difficult to be a gay person in the world of football, because of the problem of machismo,” one player told the website. “There is the belief that it is an exclusive activity of so-called ‘men’. But there’s talent in the gay community. I’ve seen it. Even though it’s difficult, I think players can excel.”

The tournament at the Outgames in May is run by the International Gay and Lesbian Football Assn. and is the premier LGBT tournament in the world. Zorros says the visa denials have already hurt the team’s chances, but it still expects to field a competitive side.

“I always dreamed of playing in the United States and representing my country,” another player says. “Now, representing my country carries a greater responsibility.”