We at Outsports have built our efforts largely around what we perceive as a Constitutional duty of journalists and reporters: to advocate for the greater good.

The most effective way we have found to do that is to inspire LGBT people in sports to come out, whether it is privately to their friends, family and teammates, or publicly to the world.

Talking to hundreds of LGBT people in sports, I have personally found a few truths about advancing LGBT equality in sports, and I know Jim Buzinski has well:

  • LGBT athletes are way more accepted than people tell you;
  • When LGBT athletes come out on their teams, teammates’ behaviors change;
  • Nothing changes people’s hearts and minds like having someone they know and love come out. Nothing.

That’s why I will continue to be dedicated to telling the stories of out athletes. They are the great change-agents in sports. Each story inspires at least someone else to come out to someone. It is what we call “the domino effect.”

We advocates and activists are simply here to serve those athletes, coaches and others in sports who are willing to be true. Writing manuals, holding conferences and getting changes in policies serve only to allow athletes, coaches and others actively in sports to be the true change agents in sports. They can make change that we cannot.

You can read the many coming-out stories Outsports has run here.

If you would like to contribute your voice and inspire other people in sports to be their true selves, click on this link.