A youth soccer coach in Portland, Ore., took the opportunity of another recent wet and cool practice to share his true self with some of his players.

Kaig Lightner is the founder and director of coaching for the Portland Community Football Club. He also happens to be transgender, as he explained in his brief drizzle-drenched talk to some of the youth he coaches:

“Some of you may or may not know this, but I am transgender. … What that means is that I was born a girl, and that I grew up playing soccer as a girl. And that’s not something I share with players or people in the sports world very often because it’s not an easy thing. We have a lot of rules in sports about how boys play and how girls play. And that’s not really fair.”

After his big talk about acceptance, inclusion and being transgender, what was the first question the kids had for him when he said they could ask him anything?

“How old are you?”


You can watch Lightner’s coming-out talk with his players here:

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