A soccer team in Brazil has released four of its players for using the locker room to record a group masturbation video. The video, which of course leaked out to the Internet, features three of the players, with a fourth holding the camera.

Gilmar Rossmo, the president of Sport Clube Gaúcho, told UOL Esporte that he didn’t fire the players because of any discrimination, but because he found the video “disgusting” and he was afraid of the verbal beating they might take at the hands of the fans.

“As far as I know, these three are not gay,” Rossmo said, “only that they had sex, but now they have to prove they are not.”

I’m guessing that last bit is a bit of mis-translation on the part of Google. Rossmo has insisted that the club opposes homophobia and even has a formalized group of gay fans (neat to hear).

According to UOL Esporte, the “disgusting” video featured one of the players masturbating two of his teammates. If the video was shot anywhere other than a team facility, the club wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in releasing the players.

As one writer questioned, it is suspicious “whether the punishment would have been the same if the video featured heterosexual acts, and whether it would even have made the news beyond a blurb in local news.”

Still, it’s interesting that the team president understands that things like this don’t make a guy gay. In Brazil, the idea of “straight” men being sexual with one another, from what I’m told by people who live there, is not a foreign concept.

The club is located in Passo Fundo, about 600 miles southwest of São Paulo.