A Paralympian from Singapore has taken the bold step of coming out publicly in a country where LGBT equality is virtually non-existent.

Like so many athletes we’ve heard from before, Goh told The Straits Times that her success in Rio and beyond has made her feel she has a responsibility to be out and proud.

She said she had never contemplated going so public with something so private, but that it "feels like the right time". The Rio Games last year put her in the spotlight and nudged her to make this move.

"I felt like I had to use that attention for a bigger message. I didn't want to just make it about sports and me and disability," said Goh, who was approached by Pink Dot organisers last year to be an envoy for the annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rally.

As you can see on her Instagram account, since the story in The Straits Times was published she has been out and proud with rainbows in various photos, the power of liberation.

LGBT rights in Singapore are decades behind the United States. Same-sex relationships are not formally recognized in any way. While lesbians can legally have sex, intercourse between two men is still illegal.

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