Former college athlete and film director Ryan Beene is hoping to take his short film ‘In The Dark’ and turn it into a full-length feature, and he needs your help.

Beene, who is gay, earlier produced and directed the touching short film to tell the story of a young black athlete and his struggles with being gay. The film center’s around his feelings for a fellow gay student and his need to keep those feelings hidden from everyone else in his life.

For Beene, turning this project into a feature-length film with higher production values furthers his goal of bringing more LGBT stories to the big screen.

“Making this feature-length version of In the Dark would not only mean a real start to my career, but a start to my overall goal of getting to put out diverse, postitive, LGBT+ representation,” he told Outsports.

“To me, this film is about kids or anyone struggling with who they are to get to see themselves in a film and in a positive way. Something that small can be very powerful and life-changing for someone, and that is why this film is so important to me, and I think it could be to a lot of people.”

If you would like to contribute to the production of a feature-length version of ‘In The Dark,’ you can find his fundraising page here.