Some pretty powerful people in Denmark have united to form a campaign to fight homophobia in soccer. The campaign, with the hashtag #fodboldforalle, features soccer players, including national-team players, with a rainbow flag painted on their faces, according to TV2.

Some of the athletes are speaking out as well.

“Homophobia is still part of Danish football,” said national team player Mathias Zanka Jørgensen. “We must change that. Together we can make a difference. Together we can ensure that everyone feels welcome at the stadium, in the club and in training. Football is our sport. There must be room for everyone.”

Previously the players union launched a campaign featuring rainbow-colored armbands and shoe laces.

Some of the groups coming together for the campaign include the Danish Football Association (DBU), the City of Copenhagen and the Players Association, according to TV2.

Denmark legalized same-sex marriage in 2012. Copenhagen previously hosted the World Outgames in 2009 and is bidding to host World Pride and the Eurogames in 2021.