As Australians vote on same-sex marriage for the next few weeks, at least one professional rugby player is vocally opposing equality.

Israel Folau tweeted his opposition to equality yesterday, complete with emojis for love, peace and Jesus:

His league, the Australian Rugby Union, has publicly supported a “yes” vote for same-sex marriage.

On the one hand, it’s not difficult to understand why Folau is voting to keep gay people from legally marrying. He quotes the Bible and talks about his Christianity often on social media. He obviously buys into the brand of Christianity that says homosexuality is wrong and needs to be stopped.

On the other hand, given Folau is a racial minority in Australia, it’s difficult to understand why he would turn around and support the codification of discrimination against another minority.

Thankfully other rugby union players, like David Pocock, have said they will be voting to support equality:

Voting is taking place now and will continue through October.