Esera Tuaolo, the openly gay former NFL player who went to the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons, will appear on ‘The Voice’ on Sept. 25 as a contestant aiming for a spot on the show. While some may think a former NFL player in a singing contest seems odd, know that he once sang the National Anthem in his Green Bay Packers uniform moments for started at defensive end in the game.

Tuaolo has a big voice that matches his size and personality. If you look at his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, what comes through is lots of smiles and love. That is the real Esera Tuaolo we at Outsports have now known for 15 years.

He has a background that makes for a great story: Born on Hawaii, grew up in a poor family, was good at signing and football, made it to the NFL, has a couple kids, and loves Jesus Christ. If he gets selected by one of the team captains on ‘The Voice,’ his story could attract a lot of support.

He infuses his Hawaiian culture into much of his singing and art. The former defensive end even included it in his message to Outsports readers:

"ALOHA! I was thrilled to audition for season 13 of The Voice. I've always wanted to sing, even when I played in the NFL. Doing ‘The Voice’ is my attempt at fully following through on that goal. People should definitely check into my social media to see what happens. I love you all."

We at Outsports hope Tuaolo lets his voice match his personality on ‘The Voice’ auditions, and we hope he gets chosen to be part of one of the teams for the season!

‘The Voice’ returns for its next season on NBC on Monday, Sept. 25, at 8/7c. We are told that Tuaolo will be on the first episode.

You can find Tuaolo on Facebook, on Twitter @eseratuaolo, and on Instagram @eseratuaolo.