The Australian national rugby union team has publicly stated its support for marriage equality in a Facebook post that drew both support and criticism.

Over 9,000 people loved or liked the post, with only about 500 people showing some level of disgust for the team’s position.

The outsiders’ perspective of Australia is often one of freedom and equality, yet the country lags behind North America and Europe in embracing marriage equality. In addition, Aussies have anecdotally painted to Outsports a picture of Australia that leaves LGBT rights in a limbo about a decade behind the United States.

Various professional sports organizations have publicly endorsed marriage equality in the last few weeks, including both the Australian Rugby League and Australian Rugby Union. While at least one prominent Australian rugby player, Israel Folua, has come out publicly against the same-sex marriage vote, rugby player David Pocock has been an incredible champion for gay equality.

Pocock has been on the Australian national team since 2008, five years longer than Israel Folua.

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