College football fans just love taunting players and coaches of their rivals. Ahead of the big LSU Tigers game against the Alabama Crimson Tide last Saturday, at least one LSU fan let it all hang out.

This particular LSU football fan, who may or may not have been an LSU student, decided to dig deep into anti-gay tropes of homophobia to somehow disparage Alabama coach Nick Saban with a moving image of him performing a faux fellatio on another man. Because, you know, the only men who perform fellatio are weak jerks.

Her movable banner all-so-cleverly substituted a sausage for a man’s penis. The image is so graphic that we are not posting it on this site. If you want to see the image, you can find it here.

Her Facebook post had over 269,000 views, with over 4,000 shares, as of late Saturday night, making it a “viral” Facebook post. The fan did not respond to a Facebook message asking for comment. She said that she wanted to get the poster on ESPN’s GameDay.

She has since made sure people in the general public cannot see her post, likely due to people pointing out how grotesque and homophobic it was.

Alabama won the game against LSU, 29-0.

Our partners at SB Nation thought LSU being a top-five poll home team and 14.5 underdogs was historic before the game. We haven’t been able to figure out if the 29-point home loss was historic for a top-five team, but either way it was pretty bad.

So it seems this LSU fan’s anti-gay trolling didn’t quite pan out the way she intended.

You might understand LSU fans’ frustration with Saban. He led the Tigers to a national title in 2003 before leaving for the Miami Dolphins. After that he coached the Alabama Crimson Tide to five of the last nine national championships.

Make no mistake: Trolling anyone with images of gay sex has one intention, to say that person is weak or less-than because they are gay, bi or queer. It’s disappointing to see a fan of LSU engage in this behavior. And it’s even worse to see so many people cheer it on.

In 2013 LSU football player Alfred Blue said a “sissy” can’t play football. Which, of course, is completely stupid and untrue.

Saban has said his Alabama team would treat a gay player with respect.

Gay former LSU athlete Tim Landry has talked publicly about struggling to be gay at LSU.