Adam Rippon has selected a song for his short program at the Winter Olympics that is all dance, all fun, and has the potential to get everyone out of their seats.

Rippon picked the dancey “Let Me Think About It,” by Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand. It has some throwbacks to the days of disco, and it is everything you’d want in an ear-splitting night out at the gay clubs.

The song couldn’t be more perfect for Rippon. The openly gay American skater has been slaying the media with his big personality for weeks now, particularly after leaving much of the audience in tears during his team event performance Sunday.

This is the complete opposite of that emotional weekend performance. If this one doesn’t make you clap your hands and smile, we’re sure he’ll have a death stare for you.

For your dancing pleasure, we present you Adam Rippon’s short-program selection, “Let Me Think About It”.