Adam Rippon is undeniably himself every time he talks, selects music or puts on an outfit.

That’s what the openly gay Winter Olympic figure skater shared with us in an interview last summer before he became the phenomenon we have seen at the Winter Olympics.

We talked with Rippon about his music selection, which in these Olympics has included a dance hit and some Coldplay. He talked about his brand being “club trash,” and that has inspired his music selections. Not to diss anyone who selects Chopin, he said that just isn’t him.

We’re just hoping he performs in the exhibition gala and skates to his personal cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

As for those outfits that have oscillated between leather-light and fairy-god-mother, Rippon said that for physical and emotional reasons he likes to go “slutty.”

Rippon has taken the Olympics by storm with his big personality and willingness to be his unabashed self. He capped the Olympics with three on-ice performances and a bronze medal for Team USA.

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