If you saw pictures of Adam Rippon from just three years ago, you wouldn’t recognize him. The American figure skater who will compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, has truly transformed his appearance since he came out publicly in 2015.

Once sporting locks of curly hair, Rippon has cut them all in exchange for sleak, straight hair. And those eyebrows. Oh, those eyebrows that are just so perfectly manicured, reflect the total control he has taken over his personality and his appearance. While we’re not unhappy that the blue hair is gone, even that was an incredible transformation that reflected his coming-out journey.

Now in South Korea, early photos show yet another Adam Rippon with even shorter hair. We’ll be curious to see how he appears in competition.

Either way, Rippon has taken control of his appearance and now exudes confidence like never before as he takes aim at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and we’re loving it.

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