Adam Rippon has gotten his wish. The Olympic figure skater who wowed America in Pyeongchang earlier this year will compete on the upcoming season of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ He’ll be paired up in the competition with dancer Jenna Johnson.

Other athletes competing in this season’s ‘Dancing’ include fellow figure skaters Mirai Nagasu, who had openly lobbied for her inclusion in the show during this year’s Winter Olympics, and Tonya Harding.

Rippon’s got a decent shot to win the whole competition. While he’ll be competing against other elite-level athletes, Rippon’s figure skating will likely serve him better on the show than, say, Johnny Damon’s swinging a baseball bat.

Still, in March Rippon told People that, if selected for the show, he would have some work to do.

“I’ve never danced with a partner before,” he told People. “So that would definitely be something challenging.”

Win or lose, Rippon should be able to stick around the show for quite some time.

This incarnation of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ kicks off its four-week run April 30 on ABC.