Adam Rippon has been named to Time’s 100 most-influential list, and he gets quite the introduction in the magazine.

Rippon burst onto the international scene earlier this year with comments about the homophobic policies of Vice-President Mike Pence. He then backed it up with three stellar performances on the ice at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Since then he has been traveling across the United States and sharing his bright smile and thoughtful insights with everyone from The View to Out magazine.

It’s no surprise that Time would call on a gay icon like Cher to write the introduction to Rippon’s induction onto the list.

“When I was young, I had no role models,” Cher wrote. “Everyone looked like Sandra Dee and Doris Day. There was nobody who made me think, Oh, I could be like them. They represent me. Adam shows people that if you put blood, sweat and tears into what you’re doing, you can achieve something that’s special. You can be special. And I think that’s very brave.”

We can’t stop watching Rippon and all of the positive inclusion he brings to virtually everything he does. He’s a worthy choice for Time’s list of the 100 most influential people.