You have to dig really deep to not love Adam Rippon.

The Olympic figure skater has brought all of his pizzazz and personality to this season’s ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and he’s just killing it.

Rippon has shined each of the first two weeks of the athlete version of the hit ABC show.

This week he was part of Team 70s Football, part of a larger-scale choreographed routine that featured three of the other athletes competing for the crown. The crew wore glittery shirts that were apparently supposed to be football jerseys, shiny football pants (complete with thigh pads, we’ll have you know), and even spun a silver football that seemed to turn like a top.

In the end, Rippon hiked the football like an NFL-caliber long-snapper and survived the double elimination of the week.

We’re not surprised. Rippon is an absolute natural on the show, with fantastic energy and fabulous dance moves. He and his dance partner, , tied for the highest individual scores of the week, a 37 out of 40. That’s really high. His team score was also a 37.

Former Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabber was eliminated, along with Notre Dame basketball player Arike Ogunbowale.

Though he’ll need your support next week as the contestants are cut in half. If you want Rippon in the DWTS final, tune in next week and vote live during the show.

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