UPDATE: AP’s James Ellingworth reports that FIFA has opened an investigation into the anti-gay “puto” chant by Mexico fans, also questioning why the referee did not stop the match to make a public announcement, which is the state protocol.


Mexico fans have again given the middle finger to the LGBTQ community and FIFA, chanting the anti-gay slur “puto” during their country’s World Cup match against Germany in Moscow on Sunday.

The New York Times confirmed the presence of the chant during the match, and also said what we at Outsports have been saying for at least a year:

“There’s our first ‘Puto’ chant of the day,” Andrew Das wrote after the 25’ mark in the match. “Mexico surely can expect yet another fine for that. Maybe, just maybe, FIFA needs to raise the number, because it isn’t going away.”

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There had been a push for fans to chant “Putin” instead of “puto.” Apparently the fans weren’t having it.

Das is absolutely correct that the chant will not go away given the current course. Fans couldn’t care less about a few thousand bucks assessed to Mexico Soccer when they get to chant their beloved homophobic slur and continue to drive headlines.

Russia had said they would eject fans who engaged in the chant. No word if that happened.

Mexico fans did this four years ago at the World Cup, and FIFA has failed to effectively deal with the issue.

There is only one way this will stop, and that’s for FIFA to halt matches and clear the stands when these chants happen, or mandate the Mexican team play in front of empty stadiums from the first minute. They have done this many times due to racism, and failing to take the same action against Mexico now sends a clear message that the soccer world refuses to take this seriously.

This slur will continue to be chanted at every one of Mexico’s World Cup matches. Given the team’s big 1-0 victory over Germany, chances are very good they’ll be around past pool play.

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